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import CMF 1.6.3
author bdelbosc
date Mon, 23 Apr 2007 13:58:01 +0000
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4 <h3> <code>portal_actions</code> Tool </h3>
6 <p> This tool assembles the "actions" which are germane to the current
7 user (anonymous, member, etc.) and context (content object or folder
8 being viewed). These actions are drawn from several optional sources:
10 <ul>
11 <li> the actions tool itself, for "global" actions;</li>
12 <li> the workflow tool, for actions which depend on the
13 workflow state of the content object;</li>
14 <li> the membership tool, for actions which depend on the
15 member or user;</li>
16 <li> the types tool, for actions which are specific to a given
17 content type;</li>
18 <li> other action providers.</li>
19 </ul>
21 </p>
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