Help: locate

hg locate [OPTION]... [PATTERN]...

locate files matching specific patterns

    Print files under Mercurial control in the working directory whose names
    match the given patterns.

    By default, this command searches all directories in the working
    directory. To search just the current directory and its subdirectories,
    use "--include .".

    If no patterns are given to match, this command prints the names of all
    files under Mercurial control in the working directory.

    If you want to feed the output of this command into the "xargs" command,
    use the -0 option to both this command and "xargs". This will avoid the
    problem of "xargs" treating single filenames that contain whitespace as
    multiple filenames.

    Returns 0 if a match is found, 1 otherwise.


 -r --rev REV             search the repository as it is in REV
 -0 --print0              end filenames with NUL, for use with xargs
 -f --fullpath            print complete paths from the filesystem root
 -I --include PATTERN [+] include names matching the given patterns
 -X --exclude PATTERN [+] exclude names matching the given patterns
    --mq                  operate on patch repository

[+] marked option can be specified multiple times

use "hg -v help locate" to show more info