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Vendor import of CMF 1.6 branch r40908
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date Tue, 20 Dec 2005 15:51:52 +0000
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1 CMFCalendar README
3 The CMFCalendar product is an example of creating a CMF
4 Product. The CMFCalendar product is also expected to be a
5 generally useful out of the 'box' and skinnable to accomodate
6 customization within your existing CMF instance. To see how to
7 go about building a CMF product, this hopefully allows a
8 developer to follow through the process of registering their
9 product, skins, and help with the CMF by example. It shows how
10 an object is created and registered with the types_tool,
11 necessary skins added to the skins_tool, with the Calendar
12 skins directory added to the skin paths, and providing
13 portal_metadatool with an Element policy for the content_type
14 of the object.
16 The event portal_type is complete, and can be stand alone, but
17 now accompanyied by the CMFCalendar which is fully functional
18 and tested.
20 After installing the CMFCalendar you should notice a calendar
21 appear in your CMF. This is fully customisable to your portals
22 needs.
24 See the INSTALL.txt file for how to get the product installed
25 within your CMF.