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Vendor import of CMF 1.5.5-beta
author fguillaume
date Mon, 07 Nov 2005 22:03:41 +0000
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1 Updating CMF Topic in a CMF Site
3 Since default settings may change from time to time in CMF Topic,
4 you may need to update your Topic types tool (and other) settings.
5 This is done similarly to installing by adding an External Method
6 to your CMF Site instance with the following configuration::
8 **id** -- 'update_topic'
9 **title** -- *Update Topic*
10 **module name** -- 'CMFTopic.Update'
11 **function name** -- 'update'
13 Go to the management screen for the newly added external method and
14 click the 'Try it' tab. The update function will execute and give
15 information about the steps it took to register and update CMF Topic
16 site information.
18 *Note: This update script should **only** change values that are
19 still at their default, such as changing an action from 'topic_edit'
20 to 'topic_edit_form'. If you changed that action to 'mytopic_edit',
21 the script should pass that by and not change your settings.*